Who are we?

Joris Schouten and André Lobbert have been working closely together since May 2021 to start a project to produce pure hydrogen and carbon from biogas. They have close contacts in livestock farming, water boards, universities and colleges, as well as suppliers at home and abroad. One of the projects in which they have successfully collaborated is during the feasibility study H2UB Laren (Gelderland) in which they conducted a subsidised study into the technical, economic and ecological feasibility of producing and collecting biogas on a large scale via a pipeline system, the BiogasHub, and converting this biogas into hydrogen. The final report was completed in April 2022 and will be available if required.

Joris Schouten PhD - owner

Joris Schouten, chemist, wants to research the technology readiness of methane decomposition technology (MDT) by starting a demonstration project. After selecting the most promising technology, a plant can be purchased that can produce ultragreen hydrogen and solid carbon in handy form from biomethane. A test site is available for this purpose, where approximately 350,000 m3 of biogas is currently produced per year. This demonstration site can be visited by interested biogas producers and investors.

André Lobbert - Environment manager 

André is an entrepreneur and owner of several companies in the animal feed industry and is therefore very well known in the agricultural sector. He strongly believes in the potential of decomposition of methane into hydrogen and carbon. He sees carbon, carbon black or biochar as a very useful product for increasing the content of organic matter in the soil. He also has good contacts in the world of the Waterschappen, which, in addition to hydrogen, are very interested in the carbon in the soil because it allows the groundwater to be better retained. 

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